It’s been a long old time since I updated this blog, and for that I am sorry. Things have been a bit up in the air during that time, and writing books has to come before writing to tell people about those books – sadly, as one is easier than the other!

I finished my MA in creative writing in 2014! And through some random chances the novel I wrote for the course, a lesbian western, ended up with an agent. For almost a year I rewrote the manuscript and then waited anxiously for news that it would be published – which sadly never came. So, Night Fires in the Distance became my latest self published novel on Amazon. I’m pleased to say that it’s been positively received, and so far had the highest ratings out of all my other books. So it’s nice all that work was not for nothing.

So, the news. It seems a lot of people wanted to know what happened next to Night Fires’ protagonists, Laura and Cecelia, and I found myself unable to stop thinking about Rachel, Laura’s daughter. Rachel is but a small girl in Night Fires, but she makes the same impact as a small stick of dynamite. She wasn’t what I’d intended to write, she is doubtless darker and more pessimistic than any of the ‘Little House’ girls. And yes, come the end of the novel, she does have blood on her hands.

All this led to my first ever sequel – the first draft of which is now finished, after I gave up on my solitary city life and moved back to be with my family, save some money, and devote my time to writing.

I’m hoping to publish the new novel on Amazon in the autumn. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s set a decade on from Night Fires, and that puts all my characters squarely in the first firings of the American civil war.

But, what about Laura and Cecelia? About their budding romance and the first love affair either of them have experienced? Well, those keen to know exactly what happens just after the two heroines of Night Fires head off into the sunset will (hopefully) not be disappointed. A novella, charting their first six months as a couple, will be coming out before the sequel, and you’ll be introduced to some new characters in both stories.

In addition to those two stories, I hope you’ll wish me luck in penning a new novel to send to my agent. I have a couple of ideas to set loose, now that I’m not being called back to the prairie by impatient soldiers and brave Osage children. As always I’m hoping that this will be the book that makes it into Waterstones and the like – but if it doesn’t I’ll always have you to share it with, and that makes me very happy indeed.