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…or at least they will shortly.

I posted the blurb for my upcoming novel about witches, sacrifices and things that go ‘AHHHH’ in the night, but thought I’d share the cover art with you and tell you a little bit more about the book itself.

Cover art for 'Waywood' by Casey Bourne

Cover art for ‘Waywood’ by Casey Bourne

Waywood was conceived as a teenage (YA) novel for my module in teen novels at University waaaaaaay back in 2012. Unlike my chick-lit novel, this one I didn’t finish. I was quite eager to give the story the middle and end that it deserved, and finally had some inspiration strike me this year.

This is my take on witches: homeless british teens with nowhere to go except into the land of fantasy, where magic is real and they have power over their lives again. Only, as with most of the things I write, there’s a dark side to it all, and the darkness is growing.

I’m glad that I’ve had a chance to harken back to the darker supernatural novels of my youth, and while yes, there is romance in these here pages, there’s a lot more murder, fear and power – percentage wise. 🙂

The novel comes out on the 17th May 2015 – which is my birthday 🙂 (not why I chose it but it just fits in quite nicely). It will be available across Amazon.