It’s been a while since I posted on here but now I have news. More than one bit of news, plural newses.

Big news number 1 is that I have another novel coming to Amazon shortly. It’s a YA urban magic thing set in gorgeous Georgian Bath – with all the gore and betrayal of my last venture into the supernatural ‘Heartless’. Unlike my vampire novel however, this one has a female protagonist, and while my vamps were decidedly modern, I’ve gone a bit Salem with my witches, a bit old world.

Here’s the first blurb:

“Kind of Stephen King though. . . ” I look up at the crumbling walls and ancient trees that are spilling their crisp, yellow leaves onto the cobbled street. Fear stirs my guts again, this is getting weirder by the minute.

            “Fairy story,” Cray corrects, “the kind where children lose fingers to goblins and the princess’ eyes get pecked out by crows.”

Michaela has nowhere to go the night her parents find her stash and kick her out. Not even her friends will take her in (it’s kind of hard to get help when you’ve stolen from everyone you know). When she meets another runaway, Cray, at the bus station she thinks all her problems are solved.

That’s when Cray first says the word ‘coven’.

Michaela doesn’t believe him, what sane person would? But soon she sees for herself what magic can do, especially when it’s in the hands of homeless teens living a stone’s throw from a busy University campus.

But thing at Waywood house aren’t as friendly as they look, and soon Michaela realizes she’s fallen into something far more dangerous than a coven of amateur witches. Something far older.

I’m excited, because there’s a large part of me that still wishes my day job was dicing frogs and filling cow hearts with iron nails (sadly this is not a branch of the NHS).

That novel ‘Waywood’ will be out in the next month, so watch this space (or rather, that space – watch Amazon).

Big news 2 – There is currently a sequel in the works to my chicklit novel ‘Prior Engagements’. ‘P2’ as it is currently titled on my laptop is looking good so far. It comes mostly from the last few months of reinventing my life from the ground up, which left me wondering what Annie would be getting up to a few years on from the blissful end to Prior Engagements.

Lastly, I’m sure you remember me blathering about my MA on various media platforms (Tumblr got the brunt of that one) but in less than a month it’s all over for good. Our anthology is currently going out and in a few short weeks I’ll be heading off to London to see everyone again, and to take a stab and talking up my Lesbian Western.

More news on P2:Buns of Fury as it develops.