heartless modern 3Hello!

Yes, it has been a long time since I’ve posted here, again. Looks like permanent employment is not such a boon for one’s internet life. But, never fear, it does not (really) interfere with writing. So far I’m up to my elbows in novel number six, but number five is all set to be released in 12 hours time.

Heartless is the name of the vampire novel that I was toting around on here last time I posted, and huzzah! it is finished and proofread, and has a gorgeous cover – so now its on its way to being posted on Amazon. As we speak it is ‘in review’ and readying itself for your goggling eyeballs.

So, if you’re stuck for something to read on the beach this lovely weekend, or you’re stuck inside thanks to the rain, pick up a copy of Heartless, over on Amazon 🙂