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Only kidding, but there is a trifecta of stuff going on at the moment, which is why I haven’t been blogging. Firstly, I became a permanent employee at my temp job, which means I now have a contract, more money and basic human rights, like sick pay and holiday!

Great thing number two, following an interview that I thought went disaterously wrong (and which was accompanied by the worst case of saggy tights EVER – seriously, I had to take them off on a bus, and I think I accidently flashed an old man) I was offered a place on an MA course for Creative Writing!!! I’m very excited, and saving like bonkers, because it’s going to be very expensive – but it means that I’ll be writing better books in a matter of months!

Good thing number three, this reivew, for my latest novel, Prior Engagements,

What we say – review by Nikki Mason:

Five years ago, Annie was jilted at the altar. Since, life has been pretty dull, earning minimum wage in BHS and living in a tiny flat in Bristol. The only highlight is her best friend Will and the cafe they run. But then, into the shop and her life, enters Dorian – also a jilted fiancé, who needs a date for a wedding and persuades Annie that she could fill the role. After the wedding, on a drunken whim, they fly to Vegas and get married to each other and thus starts a rich new chapter In Annie’s life. And she can finally leave the past behind her, far behind her, as Dorian lives in America, at least she could if she hadn’t discovered that Will, her wonderfully kooky Will, has always been in love with her.

Now Annie is faced with a choice: doing the right thing and making a go of it with kind, generous new hubby Dorian, whose posh family are a bit of a culture shock to poor Annie, or following her passion and discovering real happiness with her sexy best friend, with whom she can honestly be herself.

Annie is a fabulous heroine: down to earth, cynical and sharply witty. Many will sympathise with her good intentions as she struggles with her heart in a very British manner.  Indeed all of Goodwin’s characters are true and fresh, adding to the hilarity in this bouncing ball of a story that will fill you with warmth and a determination to find your happily-ever-after.


So, things are on the up and up, to add to that, I’ve finished proofing my novel Heartless, and I’m working hard on the next novel.

Hyrule out!