tumblr_m3f6gswpui1qhitjgo1_500Today, I did two very heartening things,

The first was, I finally grew a life plant on the Sims (applause).

The second was, I finished what has heretofore been refered to as ‘the vampire novel’ and which I can now reveal is titled ‘Heartless’.

Of course there’s still proofreading and rewriting to do, but, I can now at last furnish you with a blurb, and the news that the first chapter of this novel, will be previewed at the end of ‘Prior Engagments’, when it comes out on Monday. Just another reason for you to buy it 🙂 you know, aside from it being hilarious, romantic, heartwarming and knicker-moisteningly sexy.


So, here’s the blurb.

I couldn’t say ‘I love you’, what I did say was.

            “Forgive me.”


Bailey lives in a world where vampires are real, and not everyone’s happy about it, least of all him.


Because of a law introduced before his birth, Bailey is a donor, the one person from his family who has to live in a vampire’s compound, and provide them with blood. Bailey was eighteen when he first came to a vampire’s home, leaving his brother and sister behind, and, six years later, he hasn’t seen the outside world since.


When Bailey is bought by a rich, incredibly old vampire, and moves to a new house, he finds that not all vampires are the same, and his new boss, Cohen, is not what he’d thought him to be at all.


As Bailey begins to feel an attachment growing between him and the vampire he serves, he also becomes aware of the disappearance of donors, and witnesses hideous executions as the terrorist group The Martyred Lamb fights to eradicate vampires, and all humans who sympathise with them.


And then there’s the question of what really happened to his family…