pe cover 2Yes, the rumours are true, I have found a job.

Cue much happiness on my part.

The job is currently cold calling people and asking about their insurance. Hardly glamourous but it does mean I get a desk, free tea and coffee and a nice working environment, all things that were lacking at my last job at Casa Del Evil. It also means that I can start saving for my masters degree again. though I am still taking my unofficial degree ie – reading every book I can get my hands on, and writing as much as I can.

Speaking of writing, the vampire novel is coming along well, almost too well, as it may be longer than anticipated. Hey ho.

The chick-lit novel, Prior Engagements, is out on the 21st of this month, as stated *prior* to now. And here is the blurb (the new blurb, should I say) so you can see a little of what it’s about. I may also post a sample chapter up later…(also, feast your eyes on my lovely cover art, thanks to Vikkie Moule for another amazing job).

Da Blurb:

Annie is not enjoying her roaring-twenties as much as she should be. She’s been jilted at the altar by Stephen-the-indecisive, is paying off a mountain of wedding debt by holding down two jobs, and her flat is mostly made of cardboard and spackle.

Then at work she meets a man in need of a date to his ex-fiancée’s wedding. Annie goes, and one wedding and four bottles of wine later, she finds herself getting married in Vegas to Dorian, an erotic illustrator.

Of course, it’s all great and romantic, until someone loses an eye, which here means, ‘until Annie gets home, and realises that her best friend (and boss) Will, has kind of been working up to popping the question himself. Will is not happy to see Annie married, in fact he’s willing to trade his Mohawk and every Ke$ha CD he owns to get Dorian out of the way.

As if that wasn’t enough to make things tense at work, Annie’s best-work-friend Yvonne (who knows something really fun you can do with a rugby player, some roller skates and chocolate spread) can’t resist getting involved in Annie’s love life. Neither can Dorian’s kleptomaniac sister Fifi, Dorian’s ex-bride and Annie’s mother.

In between breaking into cafés, having her door kicked down by the police and trying not to kill each and every one of her friends and relatives, Annie tries to work out how the hell her life got so complicated.