Hello people,

Sadly, my leap into the blogosphere is more of a prolonged climb. I will never get used to sitting down to type out my innermost thoughts and ideas. At least, on a site where there isn’t a 140 character limit.

Anyway, my new novel ‘After the Fall’ has surpassed my expectations by selling extreamly well, and I’d like to thank everyone that’s bought a copy so far, and send especial thanks to everyone who has reviewed it.

Preparations on my next novel are going well, and I’m almost 10,000 words into it, with promising character development notes and a good number of plot options. So, I’ll keep you updated on that. It is, as some of you will be upset to learn, a vampire novel.

Yes, I know, vampires are so over played that they might as well be a Snow Patrol single, but I am confident that I can bring something fresh to the rather musty crypt of vampire novels.  As someone who grew up with Buffy, who read and disagreed with Stephanie Meyer, who thinks Dracula could have been half the length, and who half-likes True Blood and who has an on again, off again abusive relationship with Supernatural….I’m trying to stay clear of all of them in terms of inspiration.

I’m also looking into getting a job that pays money. So, hopefully that’ll work out and I’ll be able to write and earn at the same time.

We’ll see how she goes.