Almost forgot to say, I’m still working on getting my chick-lit novel Prior Engagements(written earlier this year) published.

As I have failed at procuring an agent (mainly because job hunting is taking up 90% of my time) I am going to hopefully publish the book online, like my others, and plan to do so some time in January.

The book could be best described as a love triange between Colin Firth, Priestly from ‘Ten Inch Hero’ and Max from ‘Two Broke Girls’

But, that could get me sued đŸ˜›

Here’s the blurb anyway, I’ll be sure to let you know when it comes out.

Annie works at a Cafe in Bath, with her best friend and one time crush, Will, a self confessed Gaga addict with a hate-on for hipsters and Starbucks.

Having been left at the altar five years ago by Will’s friend Stephen, Annie has pretty much given up on love (even if Will hasn’t given up on her). That changes when she meets Dorian, a desperate graphic novelist with a string of failed engagements, and a wedding to get to.

Annie agrees to step in as Dorian’s date, and, seven bottles of wine later, finds herself marrying him in Vegas.

When she gets back to England, it’s to find that Will is not exactly pleased with the fact that Annie is now the wife of another man. Nor is he pleased that she’s going to be moving to New York – permanently.

In between working out what the fuck is happening to her life, Annie has to deal with Dorian’s sister putting the moves on her mother, the police breaking down her door in pursuit of biscuits, and her own stunning lack of money.