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It’s been a funny sort of week.
First off, I finally finished my novel, and then had ideas for two more. It seems I’ll stay welded to my keyboard for the foreseeable. But, at least now it’s up to other people (excellent friends all) to proofread the thing and get back to me with mistakes to fix.
It’s currently pissing down with rain here in deepest Bath, and the basement is unrelentingly dull – mostly because I can no longer turn my lights on. They still work, but they work so well that the metal bracket they’re on is actually live. This is currently being blamed on me by my employer, because I hung a dress from said bracket with a coat hanger. I don’t actually think this damaged anything, but my word is worth less than duck shit around here.
Speaking of shit, our toilet is also broken, mainly because it’s a bad idea to put a cheap, low-flow toilet underground, where it essentially has to flush up.
So, I am on the verge of leaving my job, because it seems unreasonable to me that this is stuff I should have to put up with (as well as being bollocked for being two minutes late – while other members of staff can turn up to work drunk and not receive so much as a ‘why are you weaving today?’ )
But I digress.
As unfulfilling as work is currently being, it does have some silver linings, namely free croissants, and good company.
I’ve also just learnt that my books ‘Me and Mine’ and ‘Ink’ as soon to be reviewed by Top2Bottom, and I’ll post those links up when the reviews go live.
Providing my light doesn’t kill me first.