Hello four or five people who may or may not be reading my blog.

How the devil are you?

I’m footsore, tired and pissed off, thanks for asking.

Tonight is my first night off in an age, so I am going to knock back Rekorderlig cider and Chinese food, and watch a susceptible young woman play Silent Hill 2. Should be fun. I’m planning on jumping out of cupboards at her later.

The novel is progressing in bursts whenever I have time to myself (which is not often, as work, and recovering from same is eating up all my time) but it looks like I’m going to reach my lower word limit of 80,000 words at least by the end of next week, if not before. Then it’s just a question of finishing the book, which might take me up to 100,000 words, but I’ll see how it goes.

Right now I’m hankering for a cup of tea, and I really wish my life was like an indie film. (or hell, even an Indy film, at least then there’d be Nazis and magical treasures).

Thanks for listening.