In the words of a famous prophet – writing is hard.

But, it turns out that when you’re on jury duty, with nothing to do but wait in a dull room for seven hours straight, you can get a lot of writing done.

So it is that I find myself on the home stretch of novel writing, with only 20,000 words to go before I hit my lowest acceptable word count of 80,000. I’ve written everywhere this last week, in the park, in the jury lounge, while I worked at the weekend and in my hotel room (I treated myself to a lovely night at a hotel, where I drank cocktails and hot chocolate and watched ‘pride and prejudice’ until the wee hours) and the book is still taking shape.

In other news, I’m graduating on the 20th – hoorah for much time spent crying about stupid classmates and cruel professors, and many hours spent trying to perfect stories and poems that I didn’t really like.

All joking aside, my course has been great, and without it I don’t know if I’d have written either ‘Me and Mine’ or ‘Ink’.

Here’s to the future ladies and gentlemen. A future with no timetables, and no teachers – only rotas and managers, a subtle difference to be sure, but one that will hopefully lead me to value quiet reading a writing time more, in the face of unrelenting drudgery.