Today, some rather mundane things happened.

(That is the worst first line for a book – just saying).

I had myself measured for a bra, as my saggy ASDA over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder has long since given up the ghost. So, now I’ve been groped by a trained M&S assistant, I shall be fully supported. (I also, for once, remembered to shave my underarms and wear body spray – score!).

I had a full English breakfast, and found a copy of The Sun up in the café, so I pretended to be a builder for a while. (Why is it by the way that I felt guilty for noshing my large full English? Is it verboten just because I have two X chromosomes? Should I be eating yoghurt and seeds instead? – granted, it was almost noon, but even so).

I have also just cancelled the electric and gas for my old house (where my irritating housemate is still living). I listened to the same version of ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ (only JUST realised why someone thought that was a funny choice of song – electric, haha EDF, haha) seven times in a row.

Now I have to find out their email address so I can send them some new MP3’s.

Surely that awful ‘DANGER! HIGHVOLTAGE!’ song would be better?