I’m currently working on a teen novel, the synopsis for which is as follows.


Sarah Goodwin


A 14+ YA Urban Fantasy Novel of 60,000 words, in 20 chapters.


Michaela, a sixteen year old disobedient stoner, is kicked out by her parents, and finds herself homeless. Help arrives in the form of Cray, a scruffy but drool-worthy homeless neo-pagan. Cray takes Michaela to the abandoned ‘Waywood’ house, currently occupied by his coven and its leader, Sophia. Michaela’s hopes of going home are dashed when she calls her mother on her first morning at Waywood. Her mum tells her that she will never be welcome at home again and so Michaela quickly decides to stick with the witches, and start a new life.

 Michaela, a true member of the Twilight generation, can’t believe her luck at finding such a great group to stay with. They’re cool, nocturnal, and they can do magic. On her first night at Waywood she shares a kiss with Cray, starting a tentative romance which culminates the night they attend the university’s ‘Yule Ball’. While cloaked in invisibility on the dance floor, they kiss, and later sleep together.

                Michaela has stumbled on the motherload: power, freedom, fun and a brilliant new boyfriend, but magic and mystery come with a price, as Michaela soon finds out.

Once Michaela has been initiated, Sophia has the group plant a ‘hexing potion’ in the alcohol supply of a group of students who vandalised Waywood house. However, the potion turns out to be poison. From then on, Michaela and Cray struggle to escape the group, and the magic which has become more of a curse than a pastime.

It is revealed that Michaela’s mother never told her she couldn’t come home. The phone call Michaela had with her mother after staying with the coven for the night was an illusion created by Sophia. When confronted, Sophia threatens to poison Michaela’s parents, and in the end Michaela takes drastic action to ensure their safety, drawing on powerful blood magic to bind the entire coven and then reporting them to the police for the poisoning of the students.

While Michaela is arrested along with the others, Cray slips away, and uses his magic to engineer her escape. However, because of all the power Michaela harnessed to defeat Sophia, she is now too connected to the magic to return home, or to give it up. Michaela discovers that her parents loved her all along, too late to return to them, and this is the ‘moral’ of the story, one connected directly to the themes of drug abuse and homelessness.

Resigned, Michaela and Cray maintain their relationship, and go to live a life now entirely devoted to magic, each other and battling evil in an abandoned house, in a seaside town.

The Craft meets Melvin Burgess’ Junk, Waywood marries dark magic with the darker lives of teenagers living rough. Michaela, at first as unassuming as innocent teen psychic Karen in The Eyes of Karen Connors, steps up to become the one good witch among many dark pagans, as with the titular necromancer in Garth Nix’s Sabriel. Cray, while as courtly as Holly Black’s fairy knight Roiben, has the dark soul of Angel from Buffy.  Waywood is a fairytale in which the dark fairy is a university dropout, the prince is a witch, and the clueless princess might just become the best sorceress of all time.