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Also being reviewed by Top2Bottom Reviews is ‘Ink’ my second novel.

Eli Thompson is the once golden-boy son of Oak Island’s preacher. Since the death of his mother, Eli has fallen foul of everything his father holds dear – indulging in drink, drugs, women and men.
With a dark and desperate secret weighing on him, Eli is determined to lose himself to vice, no matter what the cost.
Daniel Fisher is a twenty-six year old high-school janitor. He spends his days cleaning the school, and his nights taking care of his seventeen-year-old brother, Cory. With an alcoholic father to support, Daniel’s plate is full, even before one of the school’s students decides to seduce him.
When Eli enters his life, Daniel is too lost in his own despair to consider the consequences of their fling, and as he grows closer to Eli, and to the boy’s damaged former choirboy persona, he realises that all is not as it seems with the teenager.
However, neither of them knows the secret that connects them and their families. A secret that will eventual break their hearts afresh, and test their new relationship to its limits.
A secret that lies in their very blood.