Night Fires in the Distance – Sequel!

That’s right, the novella that follows on immediately from where Night Fires in the Distance left off, is out in the next 24 hours, across all territories of Amazon. For only 99p!

You can get a first look at the next instalment, One Nation Afire, as the blurb for it is at the end of the novella, titled Smoke Through The Pines.

The novella blurb is below, with delightful cover art. Photo by Sammy Moule and graphic art by Bo Moore.


It is a long, hard journey from Indian Territory to Minnesota, but one that Laura and Cecelia are determined to make.

Carrying with them the secrets and losses of the prairie, both women must fight to succeed in the lawless male world of the northern lumber camps. As winter prowls the pine forest and the darkening days draw in, Laura and Cecelia can at last be at home together in the wild woods.

For Tom and Rachel, Laura’s surviving children; the forest brings new possibilities, and new dangers. Coming to terms with the past slowly opens their future, and as the ancient pines are felled and the land is shaped by progress, so are they shaped for the future that is to come; an America at war.

Smoke Through the Pines is a novella, bridging the gap between Night Fires in the Distance, and Sarah Goodwin’s new novel One Nation Afire, to be released later this year.